GAME: Learn About Each Other

Day 9 of 20 Things to Learn About Each Other.  Do you have pets? Me?

Of course, I lost my two beloved dogs this past year. I have a goose (Luke) who thinks he’s a horse, four horses (Buck, Chance, Annie and King), a wacky donkey (Marty), and a ton of wild critters who live on the farm all or part of the year. I’m particularly leery of the skunk who loves my flower bed.


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  1. Thanks. We love them too. We have lots of those critters you mentioned in our area too. Before my kids were born we had a Shih Tzu, but she passed away long ago. Our German Shepherd died a year ago, and I haven’t the heart to get another dog yet.

  2. Wow, you’re lucky to have such a variety of pets! Sorry you lost your beloved dogs.
    I don’t have a farm, but my acreage backs onto parklike green space. We get deer and coyotes, raccoons and squirrels, and a variety of birds from hummingbirds and sparrows, to owls and eagles, and plenty of woodpeckers and crows. And a lovely “tame” female Shih Tzu who is the exact opposite of a lapdog and think she’s a male. LOL

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