Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day


Seriously, it’s on the holiday list. Check it out. These are fabulous wild men from my stories. http://amazon.com/author/lyndarees

Meet from the Bloodline Series, Sheriff Wyatt Gordon, horse trainer and ex-Navy Seal Calvin Coldwater, racing mogul Levi Madison, tavern owner Justin Henderson, lumberjack Logan Pace from Gold Lust Conspiracy, and from God Father’s Day Justin Martin.


2 responses to “Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day”

  1. I know. I’m so in love with all of them. I couldn’t tell you who my favorite is, maybe Sheriff Wyatt Gordon, the silver haired hunk.


  2. I’m a day late, but just had to comment on Fabulous Wild Men Day. You have a great group of heroes there. The men are, well, Fabulous!

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