National Mom & Pop Business Owner Day

My favorite would be The Smoking Pig in Butler, KY. As an author, I’m a mom & pop organization, so I’m showing you a cover of my latest romantic suspense God Father’s Day. Email me why you should WIN a free copy of it at .

In God Father’s Day tragedy brings evil from the past, when Justin’s life seems perfect and threatens to destroy him. A tragic past and what’s at stake help Becky keep men at bay. Second guessing who he is and disillusioned, Justin faces the stranger who raised him and discovers what matters most in perfect time to lose it. Justin’s broken spirit penetrates Becky’s armor and opens her broken heart, but she can’t compete with his wealthy fiancé. With certain death looming in shadows of their sleepy, little town, who will survive and find forgiveness—maybe even love? 

Get it at:



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