BOOKS BY LYNDA REES downloadable lists all books and The Bloodline Series in order so you can check them off as you read. Thanks for your inBooks By Lynda Rees downloadable (2)terest.


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  1. Hi Your life sounds fascinating to me. I grew up in Southern California in the 60’s. It was a different time and place then. I have loved horses my whole life, but unfortunately, I’ve never had the chance to own any. I have had dogs my whole life, and have one very spoiled and loved Leroy. He’s half black Lab, and half Border Collie, and all nuts. He’s funny, and loyal to a fault. He even growls at my husband when he acts like he’s going to tickle me. I sleep soundly while he snores in between the two of us. I have 3 grown children, 1 grandson, and 2 great-grandsons, and lots of “adopted” kids that have spent time with us over the years that we spent in the military. Our house was the house where they all hung out at. I treated them all like my own. We had kids that were all different colors and beliefs living with us from time to time. We had a Chinese boy who hated his parents. He lived with us for 2 weeks and decided that he didn’t hate them and moved back home, because I didn’t cook enough rice. lol We had a full-blooded Cheyenne from Montana, several from the Phillipines, including my brothers adopted 4. I took a bunch of them bowling one evening, and my daughter’s best friend who was black, was half a bowling alley away, yelling Mama, Mama, what size shoes did you want. I’m white. We also had Kenny with us. He’s Chinese and Hawaiian, Miguel, Mexican, Sherry, Phillapina, my 2 daughters, and Tony Bear Don’t Walk, American Indian. They all called me Mama. It made for some strange looks from people, and the kids loved it. I miss those days. I’m 72 now and have slowed down a lot, but live vicariously through books. Books like yours. And Janet Evanovich, and Sue Grafton. Many more, but I can’t remember all of their names, and this is getting to be a mini-book as it is. Thank you for your books and sharing them with all of us. I’m happy for you to be living the life I would have loved. I guess I had a different one, but it was fun, exciting, and sometimes nerve racking to be a military wife for 20 years. We are retired now and living in MN. Land of Brrrrrrrrr. It’s snowing right now. Seems like it will never end, but then in a few weeks it will all be gone and everything will be blooming, the birds singing, we will be out fishing and playing golf, so it’s not all snow and gloom. Once again, thank you for your books and enjoy your critters and your farm. From an avid reader. I would read cereal boxes if I couldn’t find anything else. Thank GOD for kindle. lol Sincerely Nancy Anderson

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    1. Thank you Nancy. I love MN, but only in the summer. We’ve visited as tourists and fishing. Brrr is right. It takes hearty folks to settle that country. Spring’s finally here in KY. My husband is cutting grass and we’re playing outside with the grand kids. Writing is a solitary business, but I can’t not do it. I love it so much. I cannot express how wonderful it is hearing from fans like you. Thank you for reading my books. Hearing from you made my week! Notes like this and reviews posted on Amazon, Bookbub and Goodreads are extremely important to writers. I want to thank you for taking the time to contact me. I hope we become lifelong friends.
      Lynda Rees


    2. Nancy, would you be okay if I extract the comments you made about my books to use as a quote on the back of my new launch print version? Thank you so much for your sweet feedback and lovely note.


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