You’re Invited to the Party

Win big prizes for having fun! Participate and you’re entered.

Includes FREE ebook of my mystery Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, Bk. 1 The Bloodline Series

The Best Home Dance Parties will be chosen and awarded the grand prize: free book marketing coaching with me, Penny Sansevieri, but we have lots of other cool prizes I’m ready to raffle off as well, including:

HUGE discount coupons for our Master Amazon Video Program
Free Ask Me About My Book canvas tote bags
Free copies of my books
Free “How Can I Sell More Books” custom marketing assessments
Free email coaching with me
Free copies of books by a group of generous authors!

Here’s the Quarantine Life – Home Dance Party playlist I created in Spotify:

nd last but certainly not least, these are the lovely authors that have generously offered books as prizes as well:

Cathryn Fox of The Playmaker

Jackie Delecki of Mission: Impossible to Resist

Jenny Hale of The Summer House

Lynda Rees of the Bloodline Series

Lisa Becker of Starfish: A Rockstar Romance, Links, Clutch and upcoming release of The Subway Girl

Naomi Bellina of She’s a Good Girl

Nathaniel Turner of It’s a Jungle Out There

Shirleen Davies of Steadfast

Stephanie Queen of Playing for the Money

Teresa Power of Little Mouse Yoga Adventures

Tonya Ellis of Sophie Washington: My BFF

Aimee O’Brian of Steal My Heart

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