Lynda Rees is a multi-genre author, Murder Guru bringing you the best in romantic mystery and suspense. She’s also the Imagination Expander of Children, responsible for picture books and middle-grade mysteries. Lynda also shares expertise in non-fiction books. This free-spirited adventurer and world traveler has a diverse background that brings rare perspective to her writing.  Appalachian-born, daughter of a coal miner, Lynda is part Cherokee Indian. Her thriving, goal-oriented work ethic results workaholic tendencies. A love affair with books, mystery and American history stems from being immerged in the Mob’s reign in Northern Kentucky when the area prospered as a mecca for gambling and sin.

Lynda is a multi-award-winning author of romantic mystery and suspense, middle-grade mystery, children’s picture and activity books, financial self-help and cookbooks. She is experienced in advertising/marketing, copywriting, manuals, newsletters and freelance publications, with a previous corporate career in Marketing and Global Logistics Manager at Procter & Gamble.  Lynda is active in RWA, KOD, MARA, FTHRW, CWA, MWA, SiC, DRS and on social media. She can be contacted at the below links.

Lynda Rees, Murder Guru/ Imagination Expander

Love is a dangerous mystery. Enjoy the ride!©

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