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Wanna Get Lucky by Deborah Coonts, I’m listening to the audiobook and keep blushing! Hard to believe at my age and after some books I’ve written myself. Loving it though. I’d highly recommend it.


I’ve consumed everything Jana DeLeon has written and her books are BEST in audio. The artist captures her quirky Cajun characters to perfection. For a list of her works, click the following link.

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Neferititi’s Heart was one of the best books I’ve read in ages! It’s so exciting and should be a movie! Think Indiana Jones meets Laura Croft have a baby.

Rose released 10/31 by my friend, author
Chris Keniston
USA TODAY Bestselling Author
of Farraday Country Contemporary Romance Series

Excerpt of Dark Consequences by Poppy Flynn.

Meet the members of Club Risqué and follow their D/s exploits as love worms its way into even the kinkiest hearts.

It was supposed to be fun, but the dark secrets in his past have the ability to crush them both.


Pain seared across her back, once, twice, more. Much more. Sometimes, she knew she was in too deep, but most of the time, she ignored it. She ignored it now. She was way past caring anyway, so what did it matter anymore?

And, yeah, she was lying to herself there, too. Just a tiny bit. Because it did matter; somewhere, deep in the furthest recess of her mind, she did care. Maybe.

Maybe that’s why she was really here, taking such a severe thrashing from the club’s ultimate sadist, Master X. Maybe that’s why she had become his slave because, deep down, maybe she did actually care, and maybe with some minute sliver of understanding, she didn’t want to let go of that final tiny thread.

Because as harsh and as brutal as it might appear to an outsider—as unfathomable and aberrant as it might seem, even to some of her friends—this single gossamer filament of masochistic intent was the only thing that was keeping her receptive to the rest of her life.

The welts, the bruises, the pain she chose freely and consensually were the only things, these days, that reminded her that she was alive.

As contradictory as that might sound, and Micah—or any other psychologist—would have a field day with it, she was sure, Laurel knew, on some deep, subconscious level, that without this ritual, this pain and humiliation to prickle the edges of her consciousness, then she would be lost.

If the flimsy thread of sadomasochism that tethered her shakily to this life was severed or broken, then Laurel knew, without a doubt, that she would succumb to the welcome oblivion that whispered to her mind and called to her body. That bleak, insidious darkness that constantly slithered just the barest fraction below reason and rationality. Waiting.

Waiting for the string to be cut so that it could gobble her up into a pit of desolation that she would never return from.

It called to her relentlessly. Incessantly. Whispering to her to give up, to give in, to succumb to the blackness and despair and free herself from this mortal coil, to snap that final, fragile strand of mortality which tethered her to this precarious survival.

So, whether it was logical, or rational, or sane…or not, Laurel came here, to Club Risqué. And here, she instead succumbed to the pain.

Because in pain, at least, she could feel. She could scream; she could cry.

She could escape the subtly deceptive numbness that slithered its sinister and treacherous fingers stealthily through her mind and body, through her thoughts and feelings, with its devious and sneaky promises of detachment and indifference.

Instead, she freely embraced the physical torment and the erotic humiliation in one last, desperate struggle not to surrender to the final, peaceful void of nothingness that would be her demise.

Get it here: https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Consequences-Club-Risque-Book-ebook/dp/B07R7J4343/


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Just Desserts

I just bought Temporarily Insane, Temporarily Employed and Just Desserts by Vicki Batman, a fabulous comedic writer I met at the 2018 writer’s convention in Denver. I’m excited to have time this weekend on our trip to read theme. Get them here:


Mike COVER Samanthaya Wyatt for REVIEW 0515

I just read Mike by Samanthya Wyatt. It’s a fun, hot, quick read because you won’t want to put it down. I can’t wait to find out how the other fire fighters fare with their love interests and the dangerous psychopath on the prowl in her other books. Check it out.

I just read Remember Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn. She was master of ceremonies at the RITA Awards in Denver and gave us each a book. I’m not normally drawn to sci-fi but time travel gets me hooked. This is a YA story and so well done I finished it in two days. Awesome book!

Get your copy today. See links above.

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