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Lie Catchers

Lie Catchers a debut novel by Rolynn Anderson

is the best book I’ve read in ages. This budding writer is a fabulous story teller. Don’t miss the read.  Get it here:

https://www.amazon.com/Lie-Catchers-Rolynn-Anderson/dp/1628301651/ref=sr_1_2?ieTwo unsolved murders will tear apart an Alaska fishing town unless a writer and a government agent reveal their secret obsessions.Treasury agent Parker Browne is working undercover in Petersburg, Alaska to investigate a money scam and a murder. His prime suspect, Liv Hanson, is a freelance writer struggling to save her family’s business. Free spirited, full of life, and with a talent for catching liars, she fascinates Parker.Trying to prove she’s a legitimate writer who cares about Petersburg’s issues, Liv pens a series of newspaper articles about an old, unsolved murder. When her cold case ties in with Parker’s investigation, bullets start to fly.Parker understands money trails, and Liv knows the town residents. But he gave up on love two years ago, and she trusts no one, especially with her carefully guarded secret. If they mesh their skills to find the killers, will they survive the fallout?=UTF8&qid=1504306963&sr=8-2&keywords=Lie+Catchers