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Real Estate Agent Chloe Roberts and beau, Deputy Leo Sanders, are forced apart when her billionaire distiller client is murdered. Chloe; her mother, Ava and ex-mobster, grandpa, Tony Rizzo, are suspects. Chloe hates the guy for how he treated her mother. Ava resents the man deceiving and using her. He owes Rizzo money and mistreated his daughter. The man’s shady past is uncovered, along with many who hated him. Chloe puts her sleuth hat on and lands in hot water while the killer sites a new victim.

Child private detectives, Freckle Face and Blondie, team up again. This time they search for a valuable gem and take their first paid gig to locate a missing loved one. The befriend the neighborhood crone and bring the entire neighborhood together in a good cause.

Help your child learn to love reading, develop reasoning skills and think about the world around them.

Get the bundle and delight your child, help them learn to love reading, develop problem-solving skills, and think about the world around them.

7 Books/ 1 Price $2.99

This amazing group of authors teamed up to bring you 7 awesome stories of Sacrifice For Love.


Disabled veteran, Chance Gordon rejected the woman he loved for her sake. Dory Farmer gave up a life of luxury for her son and to help injured warriors develop skills to ensure better lives. When lives collide, everything they cherish is in peril.

5 for $15.21

5 Book Bundle ONLY $15.21 (Value $30.17). Email your confirmation number to lyndareesauthor@gmail with Subject: BUNDLE PURCHASE. Get a FREE copy of Leah’s Story. Thank you for reading. Love is a Dangerous Mystery. Enjoy the Ride!

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An unwanted child, marriage of convenience wasn’t the worst thing happened to Jessie Blackstone. Widowed, alone in lawless Skagway and tasked with surviving severe Alaskan frontier, Jessie must carrying out an elaborate conspiracy instigating the 1896 Alaskan Gold Rush. Livelihood of many depend on her. She faces savage, magnificent landscape, brutal weather, cut-throat thieves and a hostile, man’s business world. Attracted to virile, heart-broken, lumberjack, Logan Pace, she’s forced to confront her flawed past and forgive herself, before she can build a future and discover the Mother Lode.


♥ One gets a rare opportunity in a lifetime to read an incredible book like this. I compare Gold Lust Conspiracy to Gone With The Wind. This epic tale made me want to learn more about Alaska and fascinating characters who settled there.–English Lit. Prof. Linda Rankin

In Bloodlines & Lies, ad executive Riley Powers is overwhelmed with work, travel and caring for her ex-coal miner father while planning a wedding. A break in and murdered neighbor send Riley and friends, FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse, and Lemon Sage Gordon, wife of Sheriff Wyatt Gordon.

Wyatt, in an opposite direction from the police theory. When Riley gets too close to the truth, the killer comes calling to spoil the festivities.

In Horseshoes & Roses, Chef Dovie and gay brother Carlton are forced apart when they lose their birthright to horse trainer, Moggie, Dovie’s lover. Dovie’s past in the Orient stalks her in Sweetwater and threatens to destroy her chance with Moggie, ruin her business and end Dovie and friend Lemon Sage.

Rose Casson-Coldwater is running for her life, while half-breed, ex-Navy Seal, Calvin Coldwater, and billionaire horse-racing mogul, Levi Madison, prepare their champion to run for roses. Who will win? Who will survive?

Successful attorney, Jason’s chance with Nurse Becky, is destroyed when a scandalous, secret, mobster past threatens their future.

Surgeon Clay Barnes finds more than a brief affair with ex-Texas Ranger, half-breed, Deputy Jaiden Coldwater, when a scandalous secret past is revealed.

Family secrets destroy art gallery owner, Tisha’s perfect world. She’s suddenly responsible for feisty, eccentric Gran, and heir to an illegal enterprise. A mobster murdered her father and wants Tisha dead. Her tryst with a sexy stranger turns to love, but once again she is deceived, sending her running from her heritage and Sam, the man who truly loves her.

Workaholic Riley Powers‘ fling with a sexy, modern-day cowboy, Levi Madison, ends when his identity is revealed. Will he risk everything dear to him to save her and be strong enough to let her go?

Disabled biker, Justin Henderson’s world goes up in flames; and he wants justice. CEO Corrie Madison-Parrish drops philandering husband and battles to save her irate teenage daughter. From different worlds, can they help each other survive?

Love is a dangerous mystery! Enjoy the ride. Lynda Rees

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    1. Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine is Book 1. If you purchase it, email me at and confirm the Amazon order number and I’ll send you a free copy of the prologue novella Leah’s Story. Thanks for your interest.


    2. Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine. You can also get the preamble novella Leah’s Story on Amazon FREE starting 3/6 for a limited time. If you can’t locate it, email me and I’ll send it to you. . Thank you for your interest. Love is a dangerous mystery! Enjoy the ride.


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