Blood & Studs

The Bloodline Series Book #2

Lynda Rees

Workaholic Riley Powers plows into Levi Madison. With no time for a social life or long-distance lover boy, and against her better judgement, Riley caters to a hankering for a short romance and carves time into a hectic schedule for the sexy cowboy. She wins a dream account and uncovers deception, shattering delusions about Levi. He is far from what she thought him to be.

The job is too good to pass up. Riley forces herself to work with Levi keeping it strictly professional. She soon realizes and values what drew her to the charming, southern gentleman in the first place. Levi falls for the feisty ad executive. Discovery of a murder victim once again rips them apart.

Evidence leads to a terrorist cell. Another links to a known mobster. A dangerous swindle is at play. The killer snares the next target. Levi’s fortune, career and life are at risk to rescue the victim.

Levi must let Riley go–it’s the only way. Loving Levi goes against everything Riley thought she wanted, but her passion for the horse racing mogul can’t be denied. Can Riley and Levi get past struggles destroying their chance at true love?

Levi – Horse Breeder _The Bloodline Series
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