Winners are:

WreathFACEBOOK CHRISTMAS PARTY – Thanks to all of you who joined and participated in the Christmas party this week. The other hosts and I had a blast playing games and sharing fun information with you. Game #1 was What We Brought to the party. Answers are:

Josie Riviera – brought eggnog,

Lynda Rees  – brought fudge and champagne,

Verns Buckley – brought Christmas cookies, Joe Tallarigo  – brought cocoa, and

Lynda Rees brought mulled apple cider.

Donna Martin won the “What We Brought” game. She receives a copy of Gold Lust Conspiracy, my racy award winning historic romance about the Alaskan Gold Rush.

Participation Awards for party games are awarded as follows: Reindeer

Anne Mogan wins a copy of Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, Book 1 of The Bloodline Series, by Lynda Rees.

Debbie Farwell wins a copy of Hot Blooded, Book 3 of The Bloodline Series, by Lynda Rees.

Megan J. Collins wins a hard copy of Joe Tallarigo’s print book of poetry Life Goes On.

Donna Martin wins a $25 Amazon gift certificate, compliments of author Verns Buckley

Sandy Mays Smith wins an audiobook copy of Josie Riviera’s Christmas book

Thanks again for joining the fun.  QR Code MailChimp NL

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