World Gratitude Day

I’m grateful for my wonderful family. They’re each amazing on their own but together they’re incredible. What are you most grateful for?


Wife Appreciation Day

These are my babies who stop in to visit from time to time. I took these last winter. Post photos of your wildlife visitors. I look forward to seeing them.

Featured: my mystery The Bloodline Trail

My dear friend and famous author Vicki Batman featured my purse and my recently launched mystery The Bloodline Trail. Meet Dr. Clay Barnes and learn about his shady family’s history and his love affair with the half-Choctaw Deputy, Jaiden Coldwater.

Thanks, Vicki. You’re the greatest.


911 – Where were you? What did you feel?

My heart goes out to those who lost someone that fateful 9/11, and to the first responders who have suffered as a consequence and still are today. Someone asked where you were that day. I was glued to my TV set in the conference room at work crying with co-workers and trying to comfort my daughter who was away at college, because she was terrified I was in danger in the city. We were afraid, angry and wanted revenge.
I was very afraid–terrified for friends and co-workers whose offices were in the towers and nearby–for my son who was the perfect age to be drafted should we go into an all-out war and drafting returned, and afraid for every person who must force themselves to get on an airplane thereafter knowing life must go on. I was fortunate my company put a hold on air travel for almost a year. We held many more visual conferences, vs. in person. At a point I needed to board a plane and travel, of all place, to New York City. My mother cried that day. She never cried for me before. I understood her fear.
The thing that is so terrifying was the executioners lived freely among us, learning skills they needed in order to execute such a disaster. We being the generous country we are, welcomed them and taught them how to destroy us. They lived among us for years with hatred in their hearts and their only goal to end our way of life. We were oblivious to it. That is the most terrifying thing to me.

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