Virtual Signings & Zoom Get-Togethers

Want a signed book, but don’t want to or can’t attend a signing? Want to send one as a gift? We can provide you those things and also have a personal chat with you via Zoom.

Choose the book you want. Provide the name you’d like it signed to and if you want it to say something specific. Provide the address it should be shipped to.

Let us know if you want a 1:1 Zoom with the Author.

You can pay for it electronically.

Lynda Rees will sign the print book and ship it to the address of your choice. If you want Freckle Face & Blondie or The Thinking Tree, Author Harley Nelson will also gladly sign your books for you.

Tee shirts are also available for $15 + shipping.

Just fill out the form below.

For a complete list of books to choose from, select the “Books” tab above.

If you’ve purchased the ebook and want a signed item about it? Prefer a book mark, front cover or tee shirt with the cover logo on it? You can request those too. Signed bookmarks are $3 plus shipping. Signed front covers are $5. Tee shirts are $15.

A confirmation and link to pay for your purchase via credit/debit card or

Direct any questions that aren’t answered above to

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