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A word from my agent:

EJ and MMom

I had the meeting with my agent. He said, “No-No-No!”  I fess up. It’s actually my two-year-old grandson, EJ reading my first copies of Madam Mom.

Love is a Dangerous Mystery. Enjoy the Ride!

Lynda Rees, Author

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My Office and My Many Faces.

The Men In My Life-My Heroes:

Levi Madison, horse breeder, The Bloodline Series. This hunky, billionaire cowboy is a world-class horse breeder and manager of Mane Lane Farm in Sweetwater, Kentucky. Click his image to get Blood & Studs, Book 2 The Bloodline Series, where Levi meets his match.

Sheriff Wyatt Gordon clashes with widowed Lemon Sage Benton in Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, Bk. 1 The Bloodline Series. Click his image to get the book.

Wyatt – Sweetwater Sheriff – The Bloodline Series

Cal, or Calvin Coldwater, horse trainer and retired Navy Seal is featured in Book 4, The Bloodline Series, Blood of Champions where his mare runs for the roses and Rose fights for her life. Click Cal’s image to get the book.

Jason, attorney, in God Father’s Day, learns he’s not who he thinks he is. Click Jason’s image below to learn about how his world turns upside down when he learns the truth.


Logan Pace, a broken-hearted lumberjack in Gold Lust Conspiracy arrived in frontier Skagway, Alaska in 1890 to start fresh and make his mark in the lumber business. He’s not looking for love. Shockingly, his new boss is a female! The wealthy, young widow, Jessie Blackstone, has a sordid, mysterious past and sends Logan on a frustrated, conflicted journey to redemption. Click Logan’s photo to learn more.

Logan – lumberjack

Attorney Sam is pissed that spoiled, wealthy heiress, Tisha, is dropped into his lap in Madam Mom. Her family’s mysterious, sordid past haunts them both when a hit man wants Tisha dead. Click Sam’s image to learn more.

Cole – Surgeon – The Bloodline Series

Justin Henderson, disabled biker and tavern owner, falls for attorney, Corrie, CEO of her family’s corporation, in Hot Blooded, Bk. 3 The Bloodline Series. Click on Justin’s photo to learn more.

Justin – Bar Owner – The Bloodline Series

Surgeon, Dr. Clay Barnes in The Bloodline Trail learns his whole life has been a sham when he and exotic beauty, part-Choctaw, part-Irish, ex-Texas Ranger, Deputy Jaiden Coldwater discover a stash of cash and Clay’s family secret. Click Clay’s photo to learn more.

Moagie Larrs, ex-cop and horse ranch manager inherits more than he’s expected in Horseshoes & Roses, Bk 7 The Bloodline Series, when Chef Dovie Farmer returns to Sweetwater to reclaim her life. Check out the book and Moggie’s and Dovie’s story by clicking his image below.

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Lynda’s 2020 Library Interview: https://youtu.be/_GMv_k3dlNw  

Lynn Slaughter’s blog interview 12 2020 https://lynnslaughter.com/2020/12/05/meet-author-lynda-rees/

HART’S GIRLS     Trailer:  https://youtu.be/nAA_P4yIQxo       (Trailer:  https://vimeo.com/413736913

Gold Lust Conspiracy trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFp9oWwdXqY

PSRM&W trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lx7F_gTjPU

Some of my interviews with the press.


10 Reasons Horses Are Special

Read at author Delilah Devlin’s blog. She posted a beautiful spread at this link. Enjoy. https://www.delilahdevlin.com/blog/2019/02/04/lynda-rees-10-reasons-horses-are-special/

FREE  read of Madam Mom excerpt featured at The Write Way Café. Click to read. https://thewritewaycafe.blogspot.com/2019/01/monday-morsels-madam-mom.html

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Check out the interview at The Writer’s Café about my books.


and on YouTube interviewed by Lisa Siefert concerning my books.


Love is a Dangerous Mystery! Enjoy the Ride.                

Hi! I’m Lynda Rees. I write what I loved to read – romance with a hint of danger, mystery and history. Food my literary fodder includes gold mining and coal mining, mobsters, the wild west, Alaska, horses, dogs, fishing, water sports, racing and breeding.  History helps frame our lives today and fascinates me. My husband and I share our Kentucky horse farm with our family of critters that continues to grow.

Flowering Bell Close 05 2013

I have many faces, constantly juggling multiple priorities. A story teller at every opportunity, I’m dreaming and writing blessings into my life. These phenomenal people are my most prized blessings.

Learning to read at the age of five by grandpa Daddy Lida’s side, stories thread throughout every aspect of my life. I’m blessed with my dreams coming true–my amazing husband, Mike, my son Michael, my daughter Brandy and their loving spouses Renee and John. They’ve blessed me with three grandchildren–Harley, Hunter and Easton–the loves of my life.

My inspiration for love, my dear grandparents, Mom and Daddy Lida.

I am a dreamer whose dreams come true. I dreamed of an incredible man to share my life; two blonde, blue-eyed babies; and a horse farm in Kentucky filled with family, fun, critters, and laughter. I share my life with my hero, my strength, the love of my life, my loving and supportive husband, Mike. Whatever crazy adventure I conger up, he is right by my side. We share our Kentucky farm with our family of critters, that continues to grow if nothing else does.

Mike Tractor

His tractor is sexy!

My diverse background brings perspective and insight into life, playing out in my writing. Born in the splendor of the Appalachian Mountains, I’m a coal miner’s daughter and part Cherokee. My father instilled in me a strong work ethic and determination to achieve my goals. Growing up in the area where the Mob reigned supreme in Newport, Kentucky and the city prospered as a mecca for gambling, prostitution and sin, I can’t help my fascination with it.

Lynda and brother, Ernie.

I am a free spirited adventurer and a fun loving gal, with workaholic tendencies.

Linda and brother, Ernie.

Writing has brought m extraordinary experiences, opened worldwide doors and taken me to exotic locations I never dreamed to set foot in. Traveling the world, enjoying wonderful cultures flavors my work.


Guangzhou, China

I am member of Sisters in Crime, Derby Rotten Scoundrels, Romance Writers of American, Mystery Writers of America; Mid-America Romance Writers, Lethal Ladies, From The Heart Romance Writers, Crime Writers of America, Ohio Valley Romance Writers Association, and American Writers and Artists, Inc.

Caracas, Venezuela


So many stories swirl in my head at any given time, as I drift to sleep each night, they brand themselves in my subconscious, eager to find their way onto written pages. I can’t wait to share them with you.

I hope you find something that speaks to your heart!

Time for Romance!

Lynda Rees,

Love is a Dangerous Mystery. Enjoy the Ride!

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