GAME: Learn About Each Other

Day 16 of 20 Things to Learn About Each Other. 16. If you could live anywhere in the world beside where you do, where would you live? Where do you live? Me?

I love living in Kentucky. Wyoming would be my other choice. It’s like Kentucky with homes 50 miles apart. I’m nota rough winter gal, but love the mountains, green, water and woods. Since my kids and grandkids live here, Kentucky is where I’m staying.



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  1. Great pictures of your grandkids, Lynda. I live in a suburb of the big city of Vancouver, BC. I often think I’d like to live a simpler life in a small town, as long as I can write, of course. I saw on the news last night a very small town upcountry – 1 Main St., beautiful old 19th-century hotel and post office, etc. told my husband I’d love to live in that town. But it would have to be in another life. So I’ll be satisfied here, where my kids and grandkids live. 🙂

    1. Thanks. They’re the loves of my life. I’ve only been to Vancouver once and was passing through, but it was lovely. I’m a country gal all the way. We have horses, a donkey, a crazy goose who thinks he’s a horse, dogs, cats and whatever else wanders in to eat. We feed the deer so they don’t eat my flowers or our vegetable garden, but other critters always do, so we plant enough for everyone. I’m like you. If my kids and grandkids weren’t here, we’d probably live near Cody, Wyoming. We visited all over the west during our meanderings and I fell for that area like a rock. It’s like Kentucky, but the homes are about fifty miles apart. Oh well, another life, as you said. Thanks for connecting.

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