Hot Blooded

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Hot Blooded, Bloodline Series Book 3  

By Lynda Rees

Quirky, purple-haired Rose Casson is targeted and in danger of losing more than her heart to a Native American, retired Navy Seal when Calvin Coldwater moved from Texas after his Special Forces stint. Terrorists and drugs wreak havoc on the quiet community, and Cal’s fellow horse trainer at Mane Lane Farm is slain. Sheriff Gordon uncovers several viable suspects for the double-homicide with help from his stunning deputy, ex-Texas Ranger, Jaiden Coldwater, who happens to be Cal’s sister.

Fed up with her philandering husband, Corrie Parrish files divorce papers and relocates to her homestead. Her teenage daughter, Morgan is livid about moving from New York to the ‘hick’ town.

Corrie has idolized Justin since they were kids, but he only saw her freckles and pigtails. Losing his family, Justin struggles for a reason to go on. Bonding with Morgan creates a lifeline for him. Old pals cling together helping each other survive turmoil of their shattered, disjointed lives.

The killer’s next mark is in the cross hairs, wrecking havoc again in peaceful Sweetwater, Kentucky.


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