Too High For His Nut

Definition: — beyond someone’s grasp, or beyond their station or where they should be grasping. “That rascal wants to be paid like a senator. He is getting too high for his nut.” Definition derived from the grammar-corrected version of the Oakland, CA, Tribune on Jan. 12, 1885.miner family

4 responses to “Too High For His Nut”

  1. Good one, LYndi. I heard one last night that was new for me. “Get the butter from a duck.” It means turn up the heat on someone–so that, like when you heat a duck, and the skin gets hot, all the fat liquifies. EEEW! 🙂 But it’s like a double doozy, since one saying is sort of tongue-in-cheek of another saying. LOL. Good one, though, right?
    Thanks for another fun tidbit.

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    1. How funny! Thanks for sharing


    2. Got something you want me to share, send me any attachments and blog info to


  2. This woman looks very similar to my grandma and could actually be her and a couple of my uncles, maybe even Daddy as a child.


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