Too High For His Nut

Definition: — beyond someone’s grasp, or beyond their station or where they should be grasping. “That rascal wants to be paid like a senator. He is getting too high for his nut.” Definition derived from the grammar-corrected version of the Oakland, CA, Tribune on Jan. 12, 1885.miner family

4 responses to “Too High For His Nut”

  1. Good one, LYndi. I heard one last night that was new for me. “Get the butter from a duck.” It means turn up the heat on someone–so that, like when you heat a duck, and the skin gets hot, all the fat liquifies. EEEW! 🙂 But it’s like a double doozy, since one saying is sort of tongue-in-cheek of another saying. LOL. Good one, though, right?
    Thanks for another fun tidbit.

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