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Thank you author, Jaqueline Terrill, for the Takeover Party today. It was fun. I’m pleased to announce winners. 1) Susan D. Hamby Curtis2) Marianne Kathleen3) Debbie Rees Donahue Let me know which of my audiobooks you wish to receive FREE.

Winners are:


Congratulations, ladies. Your prizes are on the way. Enjoy and please leave a review. It is critical for authors to receive reviews from readers, and we greatly appreciate them. Thank you.

2nd CHANCE RANCH is a modern day story about a cowgirl done wrong. Capt. Chance Gordon returns as a hometown hero in all but Dory’s eyes, but his future and fate depend on her willingness to put the past aside and help him discover how to move forward with his disability.


Winners of a FREE eBook of Hart's Girls from the May drawing by author Karen Doctor at Karen’s Killer Fixin’s are listed below. Link is below to read excerpt and find out more. Also FREE HOT RECIPES!!! for you.






Hot Drinks, Food, Snacks & Dessert!

Thanks to best selling author Karen Doctor for publishing my hotter than hot recipes at Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. Click the image below to read about Hart’s Girls, my mystery launching 5/1/20! YEAH! That’s today!

Get my recipes for a Hot Blooded Drink, Taco Soup, Taco Junk and Hot Blooded Fluff. And there are PRIZES!!! Comment for a chance to WIN.

Or click this link.

So Much Happening!

So much is happening lately, with Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine; Hot Blooded; Blood of Champions, The Bloodline Trail, Horseshoes & Roses, Bloodlines & Lies, Real Money and The Bourbon Trail being published in audiobook. And the launch of 2nd Chance Ranch, Sacrifice for Love (7 book anthology) and coming May 1, Hart’s Girls. Of course, you can order your’s NOW.

I keep forgetting to remind folks to get their FREE eBook copy of Leah’s Story by becoming a VIP.

LEAH’S STORY by Lynda Rees . Deputy Leah Patton delighted in keeping her tight-knit community safe. Having fled certain death, she carved her niche in the horse-breeding burg, Sweetwater, Kentucky, making friends and finding unexpectedly love with a handsome professional fisherman. A dangerous past and career threaten to shatter Leah’s fragile future.

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If you’ve read Leah’s Story, you’ll recognize this is the NEW Cover.

Get them all at:

Thank you dear friends, readers and fans. You can’t imagine how much you are appreciated! Please leave reviews. Love you! Lynda Rees

Winners Are:

These lucky fans win a FREE audiobook of Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, Book 1 The Bloodline Series.


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Lemon Sage Benton seeks a fresh start in rural Kentucky horse country. Sage and sexy, silver-haired Sheriff Wyatt Gordon clash at every turn but are thrown together due to a murder. Her impulsiveness, independence drives the protective sheriff crazy, but her energy sparks life in him he’d thought long gone. Wyatt’s jealous teenager wants Sage gone. Political aspirations conflict with Sage’s plans. Racing tycoon, Levi Madison, makes a play for Sage. Wyatt can’t compete with his dashing friend’s power, wealth and fabulous lifestyle. Who survives when the killer targets his next victim?

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