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God Father’s Day and Madam Mom now in audiobook, print and eBook.

Gold Lust Conspiracy now in eBook and Print.


When surgeon, Cole returns to Sweetwater to settle his parent’s estate, his life changes forever. Confronted by ex-Texas Ranger, Native American, Deputy Jaiden Coldwater, and secrets about his parents, Cole has no clue who he is.


12/1/19 The Thinking Tree, Book 2 Freckle Face & Blondie

Two rambunctious youngsters open a private investigation company and get more than they bargained for.

Get both for only $7.99

In time to delight your child on Christmas morning. Nothing helps a child with school better than becoming an avid reader. It makes everything else they have to learn so much easier.

Merry Christmas!

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Sacrifice For Love on Amazon.

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Join this amazing group of authors to find out what it is to Sacrifice For Love. Life changing, world changing. These authors have made the theme their own. From Lynda Rees “Second Chance Romance”, C.J. Corbins “The Weekend”, Tonya Clarks “Tell Me Goodbye”, Lorah Jaiyns “Your’s and Mine”, Naomi Springthrops “Jona’s Kiss”, T. Elizabeth Guthries “The Date” and L. A. Remenickys “Preacher’s Redemption”. Each Story will make you want to read more from these authors. Let them take you on a journey discovering Sacrifice For Love.


Crystal Bearden Robbins

Marea Quijano-Clark

Rita L. Trushaw

Thank you all for participating. I’ve decided in the spirit of Christmas to give all participants a free gift in addition to the ones the winners get. Please look in your Messenger for your gift.

Thank you again for participating. I had a blast with you and am so happy to meet some new friends interested in dangerous mysteries.

I write murder mysteries set in rural Kentucky–Sweetwater to be specific. This sleepy little town surrounded by horse breeding farms is normally peaceful. Every city, no matter how large or small, has their fair share of suspense.

Love is a dangerous mystery. Enjoy the ride.

My latest mystery is Book 10, The Bloodline Series, The Bourbon Trail.

If you’re not familiar with Kentucky, we are famous for bourbon, beautiful women and fast horses. Sometimes it’s fast women and beautiful horses, but always Kentucky Bourbon. Get your copy by clicking the cover image.


In The Bourbon Trail, real estate agent Chloe Roberts is starting over in her recently-purchased murder house. Experiencing love again after her fiance mysteriously disappeared, Chloe and widower, single father, Deputy Leo, are making it work. When Chloe’s client is murdered their love life goes by the wayside.

Gavin Pierce used Chloe’s mom to further his career. Ava is bitter and angry. Chloe’s newly-risen-from-the-grave, ex-mobster grandpa, Tony Rizzo, has a bone to pick with the deceased. Gavin hurt his daughter to weasel closer to Rizzo’s bank account. Chloe hated Gavin for mistreating her mother. It seems everyone in the state hated Gavin Pierce. Who the heck was that dude anyway?

When Chloe puts her sleuth hat on the killer sights another target and more suspects fall out of the closet.

The other book recently published 12/1/19 is a children’s middle-grade mystery written by my granddaughter and I. Harley Nelson and Lynda Rees are proud to present Book of Freckle Face & Blondie Series, The Thinking Tree. Get your copy by clicking the cover image.

In Freckle Face & Blondie you met the two young ladies destined to become famous private detectives. They solved the mystery of the missing girl.

In Book 2, The Thinking Tree, Freckle Face & Blondie get into more mischief. There’s a missing valuable gem. They get their first big case, looking for a missing loved one for the neighborhood ‘witch.’ In the process the girls bring the neighborhood together for a worthy cause and make a friend for life.

Get your copy today at:


Freckle Face & Blondie, 2 book series Now Available.

or separately at

Two rambunctious girls who want to become inspectors try to save their missing friend. Freckle Face & Blondie, by Harley Nelson & Lynda Rees

Freckle Face & Blondie must save a life, find a lost gem, breathe new life into a lost soul and rejuvenate their neighborhood–big tasks for two young girls on bikes.

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