National Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Ice CreamsWhat flavor? I’ll go with Baskin Robins Jamoka Almond Fudge. You?





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Book 1 of series Freckle Face & Blondie

Rambunctious girls, Freckle Face and Blondie, dream of becoming detectives. They open a private investigation company to start solving mysteries so they’ll be experts by the time they’re adults. When their friend Katy disappears suspiciously and her mother is frantic police search for the girl. They should stay out of it, but Freckles and Blondie follow leads and reveal new clues. Sharing discoveries with authorities, they’re told to stop looking. Timing is critical and could mean the difference between life and death to Katy.


Gun Kiss released December 1, 2017

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My friend, a former magazine journalist and public relations practitioner, Khaled Talib has authored three thrillers and a book of sayings to inspire writers.  He is a member of the International Thriller Writers. He resides in Singapore.  

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When the Deringer pistol that shot Abraham Lincoln is stolen and ends up in the hands of a Russian military general, covert agent Blake Deco is tasked by the FBI to head to the Balkans to recover the historical weapon. Meanwhile, the United States media is abuzz with news of the mysterious disappearance of Hollywood movie star, Goldie St. Helen. 

After Blake’s return from overseas, he receives a tip from a Mexican friend that a drug lord, obsessed with the beautiful actress, is holding her captive in Tijuana. With the help of a reluctant army friend, Blake mounts a daring rescue. What he doesn’t expect is to have feelings for Goldie—or that a killer is hunting them.


It was published by Imajin Books. The novel received praise from Gayle Lynds, NYT bestselling author, Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author and K.J. Howe, author of The Freedom Broker. 

GAME: Learn About Each Other

Day 20 of 20 Things to Learn About Each Other. 20. 20. If you could meet any famous historical figure, who would it be and why? Me?

I’d choose Lewis & Clark. It required such courage and wanderlust to do what they did. I can relate to the wanderlust, but not sure I’d have that kind of courage. I like thinking I would. Would you?

I’m sorry to see this game ending. I’ll come up with something as fun for next month. Thanks for participating and playing along. I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did.




GAME: Learn About Each Other

Day 19 of 20 Things to Learn About Each Other. 19. What blogger and what TV host do you secretly want to be friends with? Me?

Wow, there are too many lovely author bloggers for me to list. I adore Lisa London, and recently did a video blog interview with her. She’s an amazing blogger. I also like HiDee Ekstrom at and she’ll post interviews and blog some writer tips I put together during the next couple months. For TV I’d say Rachael Ray. She’d cook something delicious if I came on her show. I’d love to see that happen.

GAME: Learn About Each Other

Day 18 of 20 Things to Learn About Each Other. 18. Favorite celebrity? Me?

I Don’t really have one There are so many:  Sam Elliott, Clint Eastwood, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Dolly Partin, Cher, Hank Williams Sr., Hank Jr., Waylon Jennings, etc. I could go on and on.