3 Awesome reader fans won copies of my book Hart’s Girls for participating in the August N. N. Night’s Giveaway. The winners are:




Enjoy Hart’s Girls. Thank everyone for participating! We hit 3991 entries in August. That’s so exciting. We enjoy working with all you lovely readers.

For those who entered and did not win, send me an email or respond to this note and be ent entered to win a FREE Audiobook from my audio publications. I’ll be selecting a few entrants for this key prize, and though I’d love to award prizes to everyone, there are a limited number of codes available.

Watch the trailer:

July Winners are:

I’m happy to award the following prizes to these fabulous winners. Thanks to author, N. N. Night and her July Giveaway.

Audrey wins Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine by Lynda Rees

Lemon Sage Benton, starts a new life and her dream career. Sheriff Wyatt Gordon’s peaceful haven is destroyed when he clashes with the independent, impulsive, too-sexy-to-breath widow. A killer wants fresh blood.

Denise wins Hot Blooded by Lynda Rees

Tavern owner, biker, Justin lost his leg then got his life together. Everything dear to him goes up in smoke. CEO Corrie tosses aside a cheating husband, but her rebellious teenage daughter worships him and resents being dragged from NYC to rolling hills of Kentucky.

Jerri wins Blood of Champions by Lynda Rees

Levi and Cal take a run for the roses while Rose is stalked by a killer.

Get them all at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or KOBO

Thrilled! Thanks, Nancy!

One of my SUPER FANS, Nancy, read an exclusive pre-launch copy and gave the following review. I’m more thrilled and over the moon. Thanks for your support! PreOrder NOW! Launching 8/1/2020.

♥  2nd chances are my favorite trope and this one had my heart bleeding with the distrust that was developed during her 1st marriage…anger, hurt, murder and mayhem all follow the death of her husband. Can Zoe trust that Gabe (her first love) will not break her heart and can Gabe get to her in time to save her? ❤❤❤ I volunteered an honest opinion for this book. Nancy Kehl,

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