Monday Morsels 9/16/19

Read a FREE excerpt from The Bloodline Trail, one of my romantic mysteries.ttps://


FREE page 1 below. To obtain the FREE 7-page list of Words Editors Hate, become a VIP at this link and email me, You’ll get FREE Leah’s Story and I’ll send you a this FREE editing information. It’s a compilation of what I’ve learned working with editors and other authors. I hope it serves you well.

Here’s the link to become a VIP. You’re welcome and Welcome to the VIP Group.

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FREE Read: excerpt of my mystery Bloodlines & Lies

Thanks for featuring Bloodlines & Lies in your publication. KY Derby is all over the media now due to the judge’s decision. Watching the Preakness Saturday, I thought I had a winning exacta bet. Viewing the photo finish video, judges ruled an surprising long shot beat my horse, #5. The winning ticket paid well. I can’t wait for the #3 race in 2 weeks.

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