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You must enter to win. This giveaway is sponsored by N. N. Light and my books, Leah’s Story & 2nd Chance Ranch are included in the 50 !!! 50 Great prizes.

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The winners of N. N. Night’s December Giveaway are:

Michelle, Karen and Sunnymay!

They each receive 2 Middle-Grade Mysteries: Fr Face & Blondie and The Thinking Tree.

They also received a FREE copy of Leah’s Story, of The Bloodline Series

Or at:

Enjoy! I hope you’ll leave reviews when you’ve finished them. Reviews are so important to authors and I appreicate your time and effort to leave a short one. Thanks so much for playing!

Meet the Hero & Heroine

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Jessie Blackstone, a young widow of a marriage of convenience, lands in lawless, savage Skagway, Alaska in at the beginning of the 1890’s Alaskan Gold Rush. She barely knows how to take care of her self, let alone all those suddenly dependent on her for their livelihood. Facing brutal landscape, a sordid past and attraction to virile lumberjack Logan Pace, who is in her employ, she must forge her way into the man-driven business world and learn to survive on her own.



Lumberjack, Logan Pace, came to frointier Alaska to seek his fortune and recover from a broken heart.

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Jessie was an unwilling pawn in the diabolical sceme by those in power to incite the Alaskan Gold Rush. Read the story to find how how and why.

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I offered a FREE ebook copy of Operation Second Chance for lucky winners of author N. N. Night’s November Giveaway. Three lucky winners are:

Debra * Karen * Barbara

Thank you ladies for participating. I hope you enjoy the read and that we become great friends. Welcome to Lynda Rees’s VIPs.

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Kelly, Amanda and Emmy each won a FREE ebook or audiobook copy of Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, Bk. 1 The Bloodline Series. Added bonus — FREE ebook copy of Leah’s Story. Thanks for participating in the N. N. Night October Giveaway.

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