Strange Things Go One Bump Or Two?

Camel Image  U.S. Camel Corps. – In the mid 1800’s, based on explorer Major George Crossman’s recommendation, congress established the U. S. Camel Corps as an experiment for troops to explore the U.S. desert and haul supplies. It appears the U.S. deserts are similar to deserts in Egypt. 66 Camels were brought from the Middle East. The rude animals were known to spit, regurgitate and defy orders, however the experiment was going along swimmingly until the Civil War broke out and frontier exploration was curtailed. What happened to all those rude, crude animals? Well, some were sold and some escaped into the wilds. That’s right! Wild camels ran free in the U. S. Desert for awhile. However, they seem to have died out. The last known siting of a feral camel was in 1941 in Texas. So if you were hoping to catch a glimpse while vacationing in the U.S., you’re out of luck!

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