Conspiracy Theory


Researching Gold Lust Conspiracy, my historical romance which will be published in the spring by Soul Mate Publishing, I found that the Alaskan Gold Rush may not have originated as it seems. My conspiracy theory is the hook for the novel. Whether fact or fiction there are three main reasons it could have happened.

1) Populate resource rich Alaskan territory with U. S. citizens, making it ripe for U. S. annexation.

2) Rid California territory of crime in the streets, displaced prospectors, and rift-raft left over from the California Gold Rush, all of which were taxing financial resources of the contemporary city of San Francisco, The Paris of the West.

3) Enable the rich and powerful to accumulate even more wealth as they mined the miners, providing resources required to prospect in the Klondike.

My three years researching data from many websites, newspapers, and library resources, cultivated my knowledge of U. S. history and nurtured my love for anything Alaskan or American history.

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