National compliment day

Celebrate, give five people on FB compliments. I’ll start. I could go on all day, but you’d get bored. Here are my five.

  1. I admire Lori Patton for being such a great mother.
  2. I admire Lola Parsley for bravery in starting a new life and enjoying it.
  3. I admire my daughter, Brandy Nelson, for being the most compassionate, sweet, wonderful woman I’ve ever known.
  4. I admire my son, Michael, for being so strong, giving, and caring. You are the best!
  5. My sweet Michael is the best and smartest man I ever met, and I will love you eternally.

2 responses to “National compliment day”

  1. That’s my man feeding the chipmunk on a fishing trip we took to Canada.

  2. You have a lovely idea here. I have many people that deserve recognition and applause for oh so many reasons. Can’t list any names here, but I do want to single out my husband John, who is not only smart but wise, willing to step into a fray when he sees an injustice occurring, my main man for years and forever.

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