GAME: Learn About Each Other

Day 20 of 20 Things to Learn About Each Other. 20. 20. If you could meet any famous historical figure, who would it be and why? Me?

I’d choose Lewis & Clark. It required such courage and wanderlust to do what they did. I can relate to the wanderlust, but not sure I’d have that kind of courage. I like thinking I would. Would you?

I’m sorry to see this game ending. I’ll come up with something as fun for next month. Thanks for participating and playing along. I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did.




2 responses to “GAME: Learn About Each Other”

  1. Thank you. I enjoy you too. Marie did not say that nasty comment. Napoleon would be interesting. I read a book about him and Josephine years ago. I think it was titled Napoleon and Josephine. It was small but very insightful, a great read. Yes, he thought he could dominate the world. Also, Caesar did too. Thanks for playing.


  2. It’s been fun leaving comments here, Lynda. I’ve enjoyed learning about you.
    For a famous historical figure I’d like to meet – each time I think about it I think of different people. For instance: Marie Antoinette. I’d ask her if she really said “let them eat cake.” Or someone like Napoleon or Julius Caesar. Did they really believe they could dominate the world? Not very riveting questions, more just to satisfy my curiosity. 🙂
    Thanks for the learning game!


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