Jessie Blackstone’s Fried Corn

ears_of_cornJessie Blackstone is the desperate, young widow from my historical romance Gold Lust Conspiracy. She was a terrible cook when she landed in 1890 Skagway, Alaska. Finally with the aid of her Tlingit friend Lu she learned to cook. Enjoy one of her favorites:

Shuck your ears of corn then rinse the cobs. In a large bowl, cut slices down the cobs turning the cob until all rows are cut and kernels fall into the bowl. Turn the knife sideways and scrape the cobs so the pulp comes out. This a milky, gooey substance that provides wonderful texture and taste. Add a tablespoon of flour, a tablespoon of sugar, salt and pepper. Depending on how much corn you have, add half a cup to a cup of milk. Stir and pour into hot bacon grease or lard sizzling in a large skillet. Stir frequently until done. Cover when not stirring until almost ready. It’s perfect when it changes consistency, gets thick, and starts to brown.

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